Saturday, July 2, 2011

Teambuilding:Total Breakthrough (Team&Personal)

Total Breakthrough (Team and Personal)
Strawberry Park Resort, Cameron Highland , 24-26 June 2011

Hi All,

Last week (24-26 June 2011), 17 members from R&D department and together with 33 VS staffs from other department joined the teambuilding programme organized by VS Group. A lot of experience and knowledge we get.

At the first day, after we arrived ,the fasilitator (consultant that manage the programme), Miss Aki Lai give us a motivation slots. All members become more enthusiastic.

For the second day, the activity become more challenging.One of that the Rafflesia Adventure. We all need to take 4WD. It's a new experience! After that, we went to Orang Asli Village for Pipe Blowing Activity. We also went to Boh Tea Plantation.Very calm atmosphere there. Then, we went to Gunung Brinchang and do the group activity- V.S Industry Giant Flag. Each group need to complete the V.S Flag.This task was fun.And all of we need to apply the teamwork spirit.After finish the task, each group must present the flag criteria.

The third day, all of participants enjoy walking to an interesting places around Cameron Highlands. We went to Rose Centre,Cactus Valley,Strawberry Farm,Bee Farm,Market. Also not forget to snap a lot of photos for the memories.

What we can said, this programme gave us new experience and at the same time it can built our teamwork spirit.

Programme Benefits

– Leader qualities
– Effective collaboration
– Team Work
– Decision-making skills
– Getting to know each other after work and thus
strengthening the bond
– Communication
– Thinking out of the box - creative thinking
– Stretching your limits
– Self awareness
– Fun, excitement & memorable thoughts to cherish

Here some pictures for our sharing and for more picture can view in our department network.

Friday, June 3, 2011

~ Sayonara Speech From Diana ~

Dear all,

Here I am, jotting down some stuff in this little column so that even after leaving this department, my wishes will still be with all of you here.

It has been exactly one year since I came. Throughout this whole year, I have learnt things that are priceless. The guidance that were given, care that I have been showered with, companionship from colleagues and even some conflicts between people which will never be forgotten. All this experiences are irreplaceable and will be deeply engraved in my heart.

Despite the fact that this department consist of more than 20 people; every one of you are jewels to me – in the sense that I have something to learn from everyone here. It is the uniqueness in everyone that makes this department whole. I hope (though I’m not qualified to bear hope for R&D – but I insist on “hope’ing’”) everyone will continue living as one big family – to learn from one another and most of all, as a family, to make use of the strength to bring the best out of yourself.

Guess that’s all that I can think of right now. So many ineffable feelings but to round them up, One year may be too short for work experiences but One year is just right for me to steer to the direction I vaguely see. If it’s not for everyone here, I might still be lost in the midst of the sea. It is here that I gathered my courage to move towards my dream.

Reinforcing what I’ve said before signing off, make use of what you have here to bring the best out of yourself and do not be afraid of setbacks as it’s the ups and downs in life that maketh a man (or woman :P). Just do it.

With love,
Diana Ng

Thursday, June 2, 2011



Pada 2 Jun 2011, bermula jam 10.30 pagi,satu ceramah dan pameran yang bertempat di VS 18 telah dianjurkan oleh Agensi AntiDadah Kebangsaan (ADK).

Banyak input yang diperolehi daripada ceramah tersebut. Antaranya, penerangan tentang jenis-jenis dadah, faktor yang mendorong pengambilan dadah,statistik penagih dadah di Malaysia,kesan dan impak pengambilan dadah. Penceramah menekankan pentingnya keprihatinan masyarakat terhadap isu dadah.

Peserta ceramah juga diberi borang keahlian Rakan Anti Dadah (RADA). Dengan penyertaan peserta sebagai RADA, mampu membantu dengan cara memberi maklumat tentang isu dadah kepada pihak berkuasa.

Selesai sesi ceramah, peserta diberi peluang untuk bertanyakan apa jua soalan berkenaan isu dadah.

Sebelum bersurai,peserta melihat pameran tentang bahaya dadah. Pegawai Agensi Anti Dadah memberi penerangan dan menunjukkan bahan-bahan yang sering digunakan oleh penagih dadah.

Kira-kira jam 12.30 tengahari, ceramah pun tamat dan majlis bersurai. Banyak input peserta perolehi.

~ Ceramah baru bermula ~

~ Staff R&D : Rizuandy,Taufik,Norish,Farah,Zaharah,Diana Ng,Patrick Goh dan YZ Koh ~

Friday, March 4, 2011

Birthday Celebration - for Dec, Feb,March..

Hi All,
Happy Birthday and Enjoy the picture..